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Past tournaments

Banana Cup 2015

Tournament overview / Match: Czech National W (WCZ) vs. Terrible Fever (TF)

Game Czech National W (WCZ) vs. Terrible Fever (TF)

Czech National W (WCZ)
Terrible Fever (TF)

Game play

  • Field number: 4
  • Game length: 60 minutes
  • Scheduled time: 14:50
  • Real time: 14:50
Tournament has not been finished yet. Filled values of Spirit of the Game will be displayed when tournament will be completed.

ScoreScoreAssistTime [min]Point duration
1:0anonymous point
2:0anonymous point
3:0anonymous point
4:0anonymous point
5:0anonymous point
6:0anonymous point
7:0anonymous point
8:0anonymous point
9:0anonymous point
9:1anonymous point
9:2anonymous point
9:3anonymous point
9:4anonymous point
9:5anonymous point
9:6anonymous point
9:7anonymous point
Game over: Czech National W (WCZ) vs. Terrible Fever (TF) 9:7
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