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Current tournaments
JHMČR - 1.liga, 22.01.2022
Past tournaments

Mistrovství ČR O/W

Výsledky open

Final standings

1. 3SB
2. F.U.J.
3. Terrible Monkeys
4. Left Overs A
5. Prague Devils
6. Left Overs B
7. PeaceEgg
8. Atrofované ruce

Spirit open

Spirit is displayed as received:given

Spirit of the Game cross table

Spirit11:012:0FUJ PE PD TM 12:0LO BScore
FUJ 13:0x9*:120:1122:23
PE 11:1213:0x0:010*:1134:23
PD 0:0x12:00:012:0
TM 12:1411:10*0:12x12:15*35:51
LO B11:013:011:00:011:0x46:0

Spirit of the Game final standings

1. Terrible Monkeys (8.75)
2. PeaceEgg (8.5)
3. Left Overs A (8.33333)
4. Prague Devils (7.66667)
4. Left Overs B (7.66667)
5. F.U.J. (7.33333)
5. F.U.J. (7.33333)
6. 3SB (6.16667)
7. PeaceEgg (6)
8. Terrible Monkeys (4)
8. Prague Devils (4)
9. Atrofované ruce (3.66667)

Výsledky women

Final standings

There were no placement matches, placement is in groups.

Spirit women

Spirit is displayed as received:given

Spirit of the Game cross table

3SB Ax11:12*0:100:119*:1012:11
3SB B12*:11x0:1213:1010*:1110:110:1245:67
FUJ 10:0x11:010*:013:0
PE 11:012:00:11x0:011:00:1234:23
PD 10:9*10:130:10*0:0x11:120:031:44
TM 11:10*0:13
VB 11:12
LO 12:00:012:00:011:012:0x47:0

Spirit of the Game final standings

1. F.U.J. (9.16667)
2. Left Overs (7.83333)
3. Východní blok (7.66667)
4. 3SB B (7.5)
5. 3SB A (7)
6. PeaceEgg (5.66667)
7. Prague Devils (5.16667)
8. Terrible Monkeys (4)


A3SB PD LO ALO BScorePointsRanking
3SB x15:515:915:545:1961
PD 5:15x7:1515:527:3523
LO A9:1515:7x15:439:2642
LO B5:155:154:15x14:4504
BFUJ Atruc TM PE PE TM ScorePointsRanking
FUJ x15:615:615:1145:2361
Atruc 6:15x15:139:1530:4324
TM x15:615:623
PE 6:15x6:150
PE 6:1513:15x19:300
TM 11:1515:9x26:2422

Help tables for group B

2 - 4. placeAtruc TM TM ScorePointsRanking
Atruc x9:159:1503
TM x02
TM 15:9x15:921
5 - 6. placePE PE ScorePointsRanking
PE x0
PE x0
zobrazit/skrýt pravidla rozhodování o pořadí
CVB 3SB B3SB APD ScorePointsRanking
VB x15:813:1512:1140:3442
3SB B8:15x5:1511:1524:4504
3SB A15:1315:5x15:845:2661
PD 11:1215:118:15x34:3823
DFUJ LO TM PE ScorePointsRanking
FUJ x13:1014:1515:642:3142
LO 10:13x10:1415:1235:3923
TM 15:1414:10x15:544:2961
PE 6:1512:155:15x23:4504


Čtvrtfinále (Q1-Q4)

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
08:00 12.9.2021open13SB (3SB )PeaceEgg (PE )15:512:11
08:00 12.9.2021open2F.U.J. (FUJ )Left Overs B (LO B)15:20:11
08:00 12.9.2021open3Left Overs A (LO A)Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:411:11
08:00 12.9.2021open4Prague Devils (PD )Terrible Monkeys (TM )13:1512:0

Čtvrtfinále Women(zQ1-zQ4)

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
09:35 12.9.2021women13SB A (3SB A)PeaceEgg (PE )15:40:11
09:35 12.9.2021women2Terrible Monkeys (TM )3SB B (3SB B)13:911:10*
09:35 12.9.2021women3Východní blok (VB )Left Overs (LO )15:90:12
09:35 12.9.2021women4Prague Devils (PD )F.U.J. (FUJ )13:150:10*

Semifinále (S1-S4)

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
11:10 12.9.2021open13SB (3SB )Terrible Monkeys (TM )15:914:12
11:10 12.9.2021open2Left Overs A (LO A)F.U.J. (FUJ )7:1512:9*
11:10 12.9.2021open3PeaceEgg (PE )Prague Devils (PD )8:150:0
11:10 12.9.2021open4Atrofované ruce (Atruc )Left Overs B (LO B)10:150:13

Semifinále Women(zS1-zS4)

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
12:45 12.9.2021women13SB A (3SB A)F.U.J. (FUJ )15:50:10
12:45 12.9.2021women2Východní blok (VB )Terrible Monkeys (TM )13:1212:13*
12:45 12.9.2021women3PeaceEgg (PE )Prague Devils (PD )9:150:0
12:45 12.9.2021women4Left Overs (LO )3SB B (3SB B)15:612:0

O 7.místo Open

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
13:06 12.9.2021open4PeaceEgg (PE )Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:1313:0

O 5.místo Open

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
14:20 12.9.2021open3Prague Devils (PD )Left Overs B (LO B)15:80:0

O 3.místo Open

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
14:20 12.9.2021open2Terrible Monkeys (TM )Left Overs A (LO A)15:1312:15*

O 1.místo Open

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
14:35 12.9.2021open13SB (3SB )F.U.J. (FUJ )15:140:13

O 7.místo Women

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
15:55 12.9.2021women4PeaceEgg (PE )3SB B (3SB B)12:1512:0

O 5. místo Women

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
15:55 12.9.2021women3Prague Devils (PD )Left Overs (LO )15:90:0

O 3.místo Women

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
15:55 12.9.2021women2Terrible Monkeys (TM )F.U.J. (FUJ )15:80:11

O 1.místo Women

TimeDivizeFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
16:25 12.9.2021women13SB A (3SB A)Východní blok (VB )14:510:0

All matches

TimeDivizeGroupFieldTeam 1Team 2ScoreSpirit
09:00 11.9.2021womenC1Východní blok (VB )3SB B (3SB B)15:811:10
09:00 11.9.2021womenC23SB A (3SB A)Prague Devils (PD )15:89*:10
09:00 11.9.2021womenD3F.U.J. (FUJ )Left Overs (LO )13:100:0
09:00 11.9.2021womenD4Terrible Monkeys (TM )PeaceEgg (PE )15:50:11
10:35 11.9.2021openA13SB (3SB )Prague Devils (PD )15:50:11
10:35 11.9.2021openA2Left Overs A (LO A)Left Overs B (LO B)15:40:11
10:35 11.9.2021openB3F.U.J. (FUJ )Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:610:0
10:45 11.9.2021openB4Terrible Monkeys (TM )PeaceEgg (PE )15:611:10*
12:10 11.9.2021womenC1Východní blok (VB )Prague Devils (PD )12:1112:11
12:10 11.9.2021womenC23SB A (3SB A)3SB B (3SB B)15:511:12*
12:10 11.9.2021womenD3F.U.J. (FUJ )PeaceEgg (PE )15:611:0
12:10 11.9.2021womenD4Terrible Monkeys (TM )Left Overs (LO )14:100:11
13:45 11.9.2021openA13SB (3SB )Left Overs B (LO B)15:50:11
13:45 11.9.2021openA2Left Overs A (LO A)Prague Devils (PD )15:70:12
13:45 11.9.2021openB3F.U.J. (FUJ )PeaceEgg (PE )15:60:0
13:45 11.9.2021openB4Terrible Monkeys (TM )Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:98*:11
15:20 11.9.2021womenC1Východní blok (VB )3SB A (3SB A)13:1511:12
15:20 11.9.2021womenC23SB B (3SB B)Prague Devils (PD )11:1513:10
15:20 11.9.2021womenD3F.U.J. (FUJ )Terrible Monkeys (TM )14:1513:0
15:20 11.9.2021womenD4Left Overs (LO )PeaceEgg (PE )15:1212:0
16:55 11.9.2021openA13SB (3SB )Left Overs A (LO A)15:911:12
16:55 11.9.2021openA2Prague Devils (PD )Left Overs B (LO B)15:50:0
16:55 11.9.2021openB3F.U.J. (FUJ )Terrible Monkeys (TM )15:1112:0
16:55 11.9.2021openB4Atrofované ruce (Atruc )PeaceEgg (PE )15:130:12
08:00 12.9.2021openČtvrtfinále (Q1-Q4)13SB (3SB )PeaceEgg (PE )15:512:11
08:00 12.9.2021openČtvrtfinále (Q1-Q4)2F.U.J. (FUJ )Left Overs B (LO B)15:20:11
08:00 12.9.2021openČtvrtfinále (Q1-Q4)3Left Overs A (LO A)Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:411:11
08:00 12.9.2021openČtvrtfinále (Q1-Q4)4Prague Devils (PD )Terrible Monkeys (TM )13:1512:0
09:35 12.9.2021womenČtvrtfinále Women(zQ1-zQ4)13SB A (3SB A)PeaceEgg (PE )15:40:11
09:35 12.9.2021womenČtvrtfinále Women(zQ1-zQ4)2Terrible Monkeys (TM )3SB B (3SB B)13:911:10*
09:35 12.9.2021womenČtvrtfinále Women(zQ1-zQ4)3Východní blok (VB )Left Overs (LO )15:90:12
09:35 12.9.2021womenČtvrtfinále Women(zQ1-zQ4)4Prague Devils (PD )F.U.J. (FUJ )13:150:10*
11:10 12.9.2021openSemifinále (S1-S4)13SB (3SB )Terrible Monkeys (TM )15:914:12
11:10 12.9.2021openSemifinále (S1-S4)2Left Overs A (LO A)F.U.J. (FUJ )7:1512:9*
11:10 12.9.2021openSemifinále (S1-S4)3PeaceEgg (PE )Prague Devils (PD )8:150:0
11:10 12.9.2021openSemifinále (S1-S4)4Atrofované ruce (Atruc )Left Overs B (LO B)10:150:13
12:45 12.9.2021womenSemifinále Women(zS1-zS4)13SB A (3SB A)F.U.J. (FUJ )15:50:10
12:45 12.9.2021womenSemifinále Women(zS1-zS4)2Východní blok (VB )Terrible Monkeys (TM )13:1212:13*
12:45 12.9.2021womenSemifinále Women(zS1-zS4)3PeaceEgg (PE )Prague Devils (PD )9:150:0
12:45 12.9.2021womenSemifinále Women(zS1-zS4)4Left Overs (LO )3SB B (3SB B)15:612:0
13:06 12.9.2021openO 7.místo Open4PeaceEgg (PE )Atrofované ruce (Atruc )15:1313:0
14:20 12.9.2021openO 3.místo Open2Terrible Monkeys (TM )Left Overs A (LO A)15:1312:15*
14:20 12.9.2021openO 5.místo Open3Prague Devils (PD )Left Overs B (LO B)15:80:0
14:35 12.9.2021openO 1.místo Open13SB (3SB )F.U.J. (FUJ )15:140:13
15:55 12.9.2021womenO 3.místo Women2Terrible Monkeys (TM )F.U.J. (FUJ )15:80:11
15:55 12.9.2021womenO 5. místo Women3Prague Devils (PD )Left Overs (LO )15:90:0
15:55 12.9.2021womenO 7.místo Women4PeaceEgg (PE )3SB B (3SB B)12:1512:0
16:25 12.9.2021womenO 1.místo Women13SB A (3SB A)Východní blok (VB )14:510:0
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